Tuesday, 27 October 2015

More Stonechats

Tuesday 27th October 2015

Another busy week of not seeing much. Not for the want of trying though. Anythings better than raking leaves in the garden. Done my local sites a few times + Alvecote, Middleton Lakes and Napton Reservoir. Looked at countless trees/bushes etc. all to no avail and even inspected a few patches of Reeds but with no luck.
In fact I've been particularly busy at not seeing Bearded Tits. There's been something of an influx into Warwickshire recently but Ive managed to avoid them. Its been close, I watched people watch the birds yesterday at Middleton but didnt make the effort to walk the 150 yards to join them. So no sympathy there then. Today I did make a little more effort and searched both sides of the river but never a peep was heard.
So apologies for yet another image of a Stonechat but I promise it will be the last this year.

Stonechat, Middleton Lakes RSPB

I think that's clear enough
or Birding on the edge

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