Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Mud mud not so glorious mud.

Monday 21st December 2015

A messy few days in more ways than one: fiddling about doing things, not doing things.The non highlights indicate a distinct lack of birding Highlights being: A hearse doing 60+ along Brandon Lane, a Transit van stuck in a ditch along LeatherMill Lane and Doing a one wellie dance in the mud off Woodford Lane, Now the wellie dance was different. I was walking the Anker river bank towards Mancetter when in one particularly vicious bit of mud my wellie got stuck and was slowly being sucked under. In an effort to pull myself from the mire I became physically unstable and started to rotate. As I hopped on my free leg my other foot twisted in the boot so that my body was now facing in the opposite direction to my foot. At this point knowing something had to give I decided that getting dirty was better than getting broke so with my wellie refusing to budge I hit the mud. All in a days birding. I continued the walk but had little reward: a single Chiffchaff again, the usual Grey Wagtail a pair of Treecreepers, Mallard, Fieldfare 60, and several Wrens.

Grey Wagtail, Woodford Lane

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