Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Staying local, mostly

Wednesday 16th December 2015

Nearly time for the annual end of year report when I reminisce the highlights and lowlights of my Birding year, home and abroad, and pick out the Top ten photos of the year. This year isn't quite done with yet and there might still be a surprise in store although I rather doubt it. Still fancy a Yellow browed hiding out somewhere in the County though.
Birding this week has been limited to Alvecote, walks around the Caldecote circuit and Mancetter with visits to Brandon Marsh and Draycote today. Not much to write about though but nice views of the unfortunate Great northern Diver ensnared by fishing line and the drake Smew. The Fieldfare flock in fields near Caldecote Hall is now over 200 birds but the number of Siskin along the Anker at Woodford Lane has gone down.

Smew, Draycote Water


Great northern Diver


  1. Superb images Bob,love the Smew,stunning captures.

    1. Thanks John, Hope you and Sue have a great Christmas.