Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bittern encounter

Thursday 2nd February 2017

A day for Blogging and sorting out paperwork with the prospect of a couple of beers with my pals later. As far as the Blog is concerned yesterday was a busy birding day. I visited the new hide at Coton. I felt I had to wedge the door open to avoid being picked up by a crane, put on a passing freight train and ending up at Felixstowe docks and put on a container ship heading for the far East. Not much to report birdwise though apart from ducks I saw a Chiffchaff and not much else. At Ladywalk the rain was just starting to stop as I made my way to the hides. I decided on B first which proved a good decision. There was barely a breath of wind and a twitching reed stem got my attention, probably a Coot or a Dabchick but I stayed focussed on the area. More twitches but no sign of any birds whatsoever. Maybe it was a large fish? No there was moment above the water and a few distinctly marked feathers could be made out. It was the Bittern, at very close range. Magic. The bird eventually moved to the back of the reeds and took off flying an almost complete circuit of the pools before disappearing into the main Reedbed.
I moved on to Wishaw but very few birds were seen. there were a few Golden Plover keeping low in the crops but apart from Skylarks that was about it.

Bittern, Ladywalk N.R.


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