Sunday, 27 September 2009

Playing catch up

Common Rosefinch - Thornton, Leics.

Common Rosefinch

Common Rosefinch

Common Rosefinch

Dunlin = Draycote Water

Rock Pipit


20th/21st & 27th September 2009

Its that time of the year when things can happen very quickly, birds turn up in the most expected places like South Ronaldsay and the most unexpected like the sleepy village of Thornton in Leicestershire or Broom in South Warks. They also turn up at often most inconvenient times. In between there are bits of local birding. So just before going to Orkney in the hope of seeing a Sandhill Crane I was in Bentley Woods where I was chuffed to find a Spotted Flycatcher and a pair of Crossbills. The following day it was back to Draycote Water, the Pec had gone and so to the paparazzi. The regulars were there though, Bob Hazel was trying to photograph a Greenshank, Francoise was trying, but in the most charming way and adding a splash of colour to the scene. Bob and I tried to out do each other in finding the most masochistic techniques in bird photography. I went for sitting on Brambles while Bob went for the potentially excrutiating sitting on a pocket full of conkers technique. We both survived although Bob was talking in a slightly strange way for a while. In addition to the Greenshank there was also a Rock pipit and a couple of Dunlin.
Moving on, I had a phone call from John Hague yesterday telling me get myself to Thornton to see a rarely seen visitor to Inland counties, a Common Rosefinch. I was unable to respond immediately due to family commitments but got there early the next morning. There were already a number of birders at the garden viewpoint on Main Street. The garden looked down over an area of shrubs and trees towards Thornton reservoir. The area held a good population of sparrows and finches and it wasnt long before the juvenile Rosefinch was spotted in adjacent gardens feeding on Elderberries. The guy who owned the house, himself a birder, was great, making sure everyone saw the bird in his scope. The bird eventually fed on the ground in the next garden but was difficult to see through the border plants. As others arrived and the small patio area filled up it was time to go.

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  1. Nice shots Bob.Bob Hazel always talks funny!!!!!

    If I'd seen the Rosefinch on my own I'm sure I wouldn't have ID it.