Thursday, 21 April 2011

Birding Kuwait

The Sun during a Dust storm which greeted us on our first day.

The dust storm persisted but didnt stop us crossing the desert to check out birding hotspots such as Al Abraq.

Yellow Wagtail, of the race lutea, Jarah farms

Ortolan, Green Island, Kuwait City

Hoopoe, found in most localities

White throated Robin, Jarah farms

Long legged Buzzard, Al Abraq
12th-20th April 2011

Kuwait is a small country on the extreme limit of the Western Palearctic region. It is situated on the northern edge of the Gulf of Arabia sandwiched between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It appeared to to be a rather featureless expanse of Desert dominated by Kuwait City with its spectacular skyline of impressive buildings. The bird watching tour was arranged by Birdfinders and led by Peter Lansdown and local guide Pekka Fagal. We were based in a comfortable hotel in the city and travelled out to a number of reserves and farms in rather uncomfortable Landcruiser type vehicles. Many of the group were hardcore WP listers lured by the impressive list of 'special' birds only found in Kuwait or less hospitable neighbouring countries. In the event many of these birds were not available to us either because they had already moved on to their breeding grounds further North, or because there was no access to the sites they were found or because their identification was too difficult. However, there was still excellent birdwatching to be had as the 'oasises' of well irrigated farms out in the desert were a magnet for migrating birds.The sheer numbers of birds involved, particularly Pipits, Pratincoles and Wagtails was awesome. Im afraid my images dont do justice to the variety of species encountered but will give a flavour of the importance of Kuwait in terms of bird migration through the area.

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  1. Glad you still found some good birds out there.
    Weird though that even Pekka couldn't get access to some of the places.
    But sadly, that's Kuwait :(
    Best wishes (from the sand box) :)