Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I havent finished yet!

Red vented Bulbul, Green Island, Kuwait City
Great reed Warbler
Montague's Harrier
Socotra Cormorants, off Manchester Club

Upcher's Warbler, Albraq

Selection of Terns: including Crested Tern, Lesser crested Tern, Sandwich Tern and Little Tern. Bridled Tern was also seen offshore at some distance.

Collared Pratincole

Caspian Plover, up to 8 were seen at Pivot fields.

White Stork, a small number pasted over Al Abdaly farm

Short toed Lark

Glossy Ibis, seen in small numbers at Pivot fields

Asian Desert Warbler

Asian Desert Warbler

Pied Wheatear, surprisingly few Wheatear species seen.

Rufous Bushchat
The potential of Kuwait as a birding destination cannot be underestimated. Despite the initial disappointment of 'missing' a few key species, going through the images I did manage to get demonstrates the number of 'quality' birds passing through a relatively small area. Also the sheer number of birds migrating through Kuwait is staggering. To see literally clouds of Pipits and Wagtails take to the skies flushed by a hunting Harrier in the well irrigated crop fields
is a memorable sight. As is large flocks of Pratincoles, Red necked Phalaropes and Shorebirds.

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