Thursday, 7 April 2011

Size does Matter - apparently

Cetti's warbler, Brandon Marsh N.R.

Swallow, back safely

Spotted Crake, more murky images

Spotted Crake

Spotted Crake

Lapwing, one of our most beautiful birds

Northern Wheatear, Draycote Water

Yellow wagtail

Early Thorn moth, Draycote


Wednesday 6th April 2011

I have heard of 3 instances in the last week, all at Brandon Marsh, when birdwatchers have spoken to photographers about sticking their impressive lens out of the viewing slats to such an extent as to restrict their view, in some cases up to 50%, the situation is usually resolved amicably, birders are like that, but it shouldn't be necessary to ask. At one stage yesterday a couple of guys came into the hide with the biggest lens I'd ever seen, it reminded me of the scene in the film 'The Guns of Navaronne' when the massive guns open up on the British warships. Oh, and the birds, Little ringed plovers, Ringed plovers, a calling Water Rail, Spotted Crake, White wagtail, Cetti's warbler and Common Snipe. All this after making a long overdue visit to Draycote Water in the morning, where there were at least 2 Wheatear, 20+ Yellow wagtails, a Raven, Mediterranean gull, and House Martin. No sign of any terns or indeed the Little gulls seen earlier. All in all though an interesting day.

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