Tuesday, 28 August 2012

He's a dedicated follower of fashion

Monday 28th February
It was going to be a day for Birding. Blithfield looked good with regular sightings of Marsh Harrier but did I really want to go that far. I headed off down the A5, keeping my options open. I'd only got as far as the Merevale estate near Atherstone when I made a decision. A spot of visible migration, there were excellent views from the North facing slope overlooking Legion Wood. Vis migging as it known by those who know involves viewing the skies from some such prominent position and watching or listening to what flies over. Its very fashionable at the moment. Almost as fashionable as Redstart watching. I gave it a good half hour. From my viewpoint I could look north across a corner of Leicestershire on to some distant Derbyshire hills. After half an hour I decided there wasn't much migration going on, visible or otherwise. A couple of Swifts and a handful of hirundines appeared and disappeared but I couldn't tell if they were small groups moving through or a single group moving round the ridge.
Moving on to Mill pool, Alvecote, I had a result. A Greenshank, it flew around Mill pool before settling down on Teal pool. There were also two Common Redstarts in the hedges and half a dozen Sand Martins.
Greenshank, Mill pool Alvecote
 It was just good to see some new birds, but Im afraid despite my best efforts the Greenshank proved the high point of the day. Lea Marston, Haunch Lane, Hurley and Shustoke were all very quiet.


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