Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Whiskered Turn

Thursday 1st November 2012
Apart from finding an excuse not to shave, 'its for Charity you understand' November has not started well. After the rains I set off to check Piccadilly Hills for sodden Snow Bunting, long shot but you never know. Anyway when I got there I decided to carry on to Upper Longdon to look for the Great grey Shrike. No shrike, possibly something to do with the Kestrel which has taken up residence, or the increased density of ground vegetation. Enjoyed a good walk round with the sounds of Raven and large flocks of Redpoll and Siskin, but didnt see much else. Called in at Mill pool Alvecote to look for reported Whooper Swans on the way back. According to the note attached to the stile the birds had left before the message saying they were there was put out. So not much chance of seeing them then.
Now about this not shaving idea, the intention is to grow a beard for Charity. At the moment Im at the down and out stage, looking even more scruffy than I usually do. I feel the need to say to people 'its for Charity'. I cant wait to reach the 'heavily disguised' stage.

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