Saturday, 24 November 2012

Staffs Birding

Saturday 24th November 2012
South Staffordshire offered a bit of varied birding in a limited area which was what was needed with heavy rain forecast around Lunchtime. A Great Northern Diver off the dam at Blithfield Res.was an easy start but the Great grey Shrike on the Chase proved much more elusive. If the keen eyed JA couldn't find it it wasn't there. As the skies darkened the rain began to fall but there was still one call to make on the way home and with luck I wouldnt even have to get out of the car. In Lichfield a flock of Waxwings had been seen regularly over the past few days on an industrial estate. Sure enough they were still there in trees close to the road in the pouring rain, occasionally dropping down to feed in a Rowan tree.
Great Northern Diver, Blithfield Res., Staffs.
Great Northern Diver
Great northern Diver
Waxwing, Lichfield, Staffs.

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