Wednesday, 28 November 2012

One of those days.

Tuesday 27th November 2012
Turned out to be one of those days at Shustoke yesterday. The northerly winds seemed to be bringing with it a few 'northern' species. I needed a bit of exercise so a walk round Shustoke Res. seemed like a good plan particularly as a Great northern Diver had been seen there the previous day. The Diver was soon located between the Sailing Club and the Eastern shore. I walked round to try and get a better view but the diver was still a long way off from shore. As I watched a drake Smew flew in to join the Pochards and Tufted duck, it only stayed a short while before circling the western end and heading off towards Coton. The images seem to indicate the bird was either slightly oiled or had been hit by bad weather or both. I completed my circuit without passing another soul which is unusual but there were a couple of probable birders way over the other side. I was surprised and slightly annoyed to find, on getting home, that in fact 2 Great northern Divers were on site. I thought I'd given the pond a good going over but it just goes to show. It now appears that there was also a female Scoter there. About time I cleaned my bins I think.
Smew, Shustoke Res.
Great northern Diver


  1. Some very nice recent shots Bob.Loved the Waxies.

    The 2 GND's at Shustoke stayed way out in the middle for me yesterday.Miserable sods!!!!

  2. Hi Bob. After I saw you at Middleton today (nothing to shout about on the North Pit by the way) I went to Dosthill where I saw 42 Waxwings then on to Shustoke as I too had missed the Scoter when I was there on Wednesday. Fortunately it was there and showing well, as was one of the Divers (the other GND was around somewhere apparently).
    Steve Atkinson