Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Common Scoter at Shustoke Res.

22nd January 2013 After several frustrating days of inactivity I managed to get out and 'do a bit'.Didnt venture very far to be honest but it was good to get the wellies on and get a bit of a walk. I did a circuit round Caldecote Hall near Nuneaton. Most of the avian activity was close to the River Anker with 6 Cormorant and 3 Goosander but also Dunnocks and Reed Buntings. The fields were a snow covered wasteland with only 2 Skylarks trying to feed where a clump of grass penetrated the snow exposing a bit of bare earth. A Sparrowhawk dive bombed the ground presumably trying to flush prey from its snowy shelter.Not much else though apart from the usual stuff and the odd Fieldfare and Redwing. So it was something of a relief when I got a message from SH about a Common Scoter at Shustoke. After picking up my Dad we headed off and soon found the Drake Scoter before heading home as the temperature started to drop.
Snowbird - Skylark
Common Scoter, Shustoke Res.
Common Scoter
Common Scoter
Common Scoter

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