Friday, 18 January 2013

Garden Birding

Friday 18th January 2013 One of those shall I bother days, cos not much to report. Spent all day out yesterday but didnt see a sausage. Pork pie, but not a sausage. The Day was largely based around Ladywalk N.R. area with a drive round to other N.Warks venues to look for Little Owl, Brambling and so on but not a .......The rest of world, those birders who could brave the sub-zero temperatures were having a great time proving Warks isnt such a birding backwater with good views and photos of Firecrest and Siberian Chiffchaff and even Hen Harrier and drake Pintail in the vicinity. Me? zilch except a pair of Peregrines. Todays enforced garden watch has so far produced 11 Fieldfares and 2 Common Gulls drifting around the estate with a few Black headed Gulls but the feeders are pretty quiet at noon.I INTERRUPT THIS BLOG WITH A NEWSFLASH - A Pied Wagtail has just landed in the Ash tree.Unusual in my garden but I dont think its worth telling RBA.
Water Rail, Ladywalk
Ladywalk N.R. Bitterns Beware
Fieldfare - garden
Common Gull, on my roof This is action blogging today as I spin round from the PC every 30 secs to check for new birds like someone out of the exorcist.

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