Saturday, 26 October 2013

Great grey Shrike - Harrington, Northants.

Saturday 26th October 2013
Took myself off to a new venue this morning, Harrington disused airfield in Northants.  A former USAF base in the second World War there is now little of the base remaining except a few derelict concrete bunkers, piles of rumble and strips of waste land with grass and bushes. Ideal habitat for a number of species of birds which like wide open spaces with plenty of perches. A Great grey Shrike had been seen there recently so as the wind and rain beat down the search began. It was half an hour before I saw the bird on a concrete post in the middle of a field of winter wheat. After that the bird would be seen periodically usually close to one of the three bunkers on the site. The trick was predicting which of the three bunkers the bird would appear at next.
Distant, but typical view of Great grey Shrike on concrete pillar
Great grey Shrike
Great grey Shrike
Great grey Shrike
Red Kite, common in the area

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