Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hume's Yellow browed Warbler - a few more images

Tuesday 4th February 2014
Having failed so miserably with the shots of the Hume's Y B Warbler I took last week I thought I'd embarrass myself even more my having another go today. There were only a handful of enthusiasts on site so finding the bird would be a bit more challenging. It would typically go missing for quite long periods and seemed to be less vocal than on previous visits. On such a warm, sunny day it was surprising it didnt spend more time in the trees or in the tops of the Brambles but it only showed in the Hawthorn bushes a couple of times while I was there allowing more hit and miss photography!
Hume's Yellow browed Warbler, Hams Hall Dist. Park, Nr. Coleshill
Hume's Yellow browed Warbler, note the faint crown stripe
Hume's Yellow browed Warbler
Humes Yellow browed Warbler
Humes Yellow browed Warbler

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