Thursday, 2 July 2009

Day 6 - Marbled Ducks and Kingfishers

Eastern rock Nuthatch

Upcher's warbler
White throated Robin

Pied Kingfisher

Rufous Bushchat


We decided to go back to the Delta very early and have another crack at finding Marbled Duck. An inspired decision as we eventually had good views of a female Marbled duck with chicks. We went back to the hotel to pick up our bags before heading off east. A local reserve on a river was our first destination. Our arrival brought out the officials of the nearby town and there was a sense of occasion as we were warmly greeted. However, I have to admit I was more interested in finding one of my target birds, White breasted Kingfisher. We strolled round together and there were clearly a good number of interesting species to be seen. Pied Kingfishers were much in evidence, a Black Stork circled distantly Great reed warblers and Penduline tits were closer to hand. Lunch was ready but I still hadnt seen the Kingfisher I wanted. I was torn between the need for food and the need for a tick. Decisions,decisions. I hung back, one or two other people went to explore on their own. It was no good the lure of food drew me in. People had gone to alot of trouble to prepare the meal so it would be impolite not to eat it. I was still a bit uneasy though. The White breasted Kingfisher was proving elusive and I felt I was wasting time. After consuming an adequate quantity of Cheese and salad I was off again. This time I did see a flash of turquoise and the silhouette of a bird in a bush but it was that feeling that you know you'd seen the bird in question but not really seen it. It was getting frustrating more fleeting views of birds flying between bushes. I ruefully climbed back on the bus, but as we pulled away someone's sharp eyes, probably Colins, spotted a Kingfisher in full view. We piled out of the coach and I was able to get the views I wanted, of not just one but two White breasted Kingfishers.

Our final site was an orchard lined valley we waited at a roadside water trough to see what birds would come down to drink. White throated Robins were seen in the orchard and a female came down to drink from the trough. Eastern Olivaceous warbler and both Eastern and Western Nuthatches were identified in the area. We took a track and located an Upcher's warbler which responded well to Vaughan's tape. We birded till 6.45pm, a very long but a very rewarding day with a good many new birds seen. We stayed overnight in Gazientep.

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