Friday, 31 July 2009

Hope he makes it.

Thursday 30th July 2009

When a young Hedgehog no bigger than a Tennis ball appeared in my garden yesterday and was bullied by a couple of Magpies I just had to intervene. After seeing off the Magpies I found some mealworms in the kitchen ( we can always have chicken in tonights curry instead) which the Hedgehog ate with a relish. Jan wanted to put it in a cardboard box but thats where I drew the line. I'd done my bit, it would have to make it on its own from now on. If a migrant bird is found exhausted or a bird is clearly stunned from flying into a window is seems right to take them into care to protect them from predators while they recover. However that is an entirely different situation to 'collecting' weak and dying creatures and treating them like pets. Whatever, good luck to our little visitor.

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