Sunday, 26 July 2009

Garden Watch

Sunday 26th July 2009

Nothing to do with Bill Oddy, its what I've been reduced to for the last couple of days. I injured my back shifting some slabs in the back garden so I haven't been out and about much. Serves me right I should leave gardening to the Alan Titchmarsh types and stick to mowing the lawn and trimming the hedge but having said that I managed to trim the cable the trimmer was attached to so its back to the dark ages and cold steel. Garden watching can be good though just not very often. My garden list is quite good for an estate location, Pied fly and Woodcock being the highlights many years ago. Im lucky that Im surrounded by Bungalows on one side so I've got plenty of sky to look at. Usually theres just flocks of racing pigeons belting through, a couple of Woodpigeons are always around and a few assorted corvids. Theres been a small passage of gulls this morning and there are still Swifts about, very low as the cloud increases from the west and the temperature drops.
Anyway back to Garden watching, a Garden tick this morning about 6am, a Little Owl flew over, followed by a Grey Heron at a rather more sedate pace. Not quite as good as a few folks in Leicester though who can add Common Crane to their garden lists this morning.


  1. Paving slabs - bad back.Been there done that!!!!

  2. Hi Max,I wouldn't mind but I'm not really a DIY sort of bloke, in fact I'm bloody useless at most things practical although I did get O level Woodwork,but that was only cos I did a project on Furniture beetles and the woodwork teacher fiddled the practical exam.