Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 1, just got better.

Radde's warbler, Sumburgh Farm

Radde's warbler

Radde's warbler

Saturday 2nd October 2010 - Part 2

After a great start to the week things got even better when a Radde's warbler was found at Sumburgh and then my friends from Leicester' John Hague and Dave Gray and the rest of their crew found a Swainson's Thrush in the quarry at Levenwick. By the time we got there the bird had relocated to a garden and had become extremely elusive. We got some very unsatisfactory flight views so it was clearly a case of having another go next morning. It had been a memorable first day on Mainland Shetland and with continuing strong winds from the S.E. the prospects for further excitement looked good.
A note of caution though, when I saw my first Swainson's on Fetlar in 2007 there were 3 people watching the bird with Julian, Tom and myself. In 2010 there were maybe 50+ running around the garden. Their behaviour was exemplary and the locals were curious and friendly, long may it remain so.

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