Sunday, 31 October 2010

Update on the Greylag

Sunday 31st October 2010

As I sit huddled by the fire with my cocoa waiting for the first trick or treaters to ring the door bell I wonder what would happen if I really got into the 'spirit' of the thing, got dressed up in rags, wore green makeup -(bit like the way I look when I'm out birding) and made incoherrant goulish sounds as I open the door. The idea of scaring the socks of the little darlings and striking a blow for miserable old farts everywhere is quite appealing, and yes I was young once. Just a thought.

Anyway, more info has come to light regarding the neck ringed Greylag goose seen on the Hayle estuary yesterday, care of the Cornwall Bird-Watching and Preservation Soc. website. After being ringed in Southern Sweden in 2000 the bird has been sighted at various locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark over the years and has been tracked at various places in Eastern Scotland and eastern England this year before making its way to its present location on the Hayle estuary.

Nice to see both Hen Harrier and Great grey Shrike visiting the County over the last couple of days.

The total number of species reported in Warwickshire this year now stands at - 199

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