Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Snow Bunting at Draycote Water

Snow Bunting, Draycote Water

Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting

Great grey Shrike, Napton Brickyard

Great grey Shrike

Tuesday 2 nd November 2010

Who said the Autumn had finished ? Warwickshire is enjoying a bit of a purple patch with quality birds in three of its four corners. Trying to connect with all of them in a day was a challenge. Report of a Red necked Grebe at Morton Bagot was a priority in the west of the County but no sign of the bird. Great grey Shrike at Napton was next on the list in the extreme east of the County, a popular attraction but although it showed well, not as well as it had done earlier in the day apparently. While waiting for the Shrike to appear a snippet of casual conversation had my ears twitching, sorry I really must stop using that word. Anyway the rumour was that a Snow Bunting had been seen at Draycote Water in the morning. A great bird for Warwickshire so definitly worth a punt. As I arrived at Draycote I met Richard Mays and Bob Hazel just leaving. They confirmed that the bird was still around on Draycote Bank. At least that narrowed the search down. In fact the Snow Bunting (178) was feeding on the footpath verge. What a little cracker. I had hoped to get back for the Hen Harrier in the Tame valley but the light was starting to fade.
Still, two out of four, including a new bird for the year list, wasn't a bad days work.

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  1. Cracking shots of the SB Bob.I'm annoyed because I went to DW that day but only walked the Farborough bank.