Monday, 3 January 2011

Is it Superman? No its a Chinese Lantern.


'We're doomed', I found something new to moan about today. The latest 'must do' thing to impress the neighbours is to send up Chinese paper Lanterns at New year. Fireworks are so last year. If you can afford to fire off a few rockets and the like then you really need to get with it or youre kids will be a laughing stock when the teacher asks them to write a story about how the family celebrated the New Year. Believe me next year the sky will be full of the things, posing a threat to migrating birds, early warning systems, civil aviation, the railway network, livestock and lots of other things. Am I exaggerating the problem? Today on a local walk I saw 3 ex-lanterns festooned in the trees at various locations. A bright red affront to natural beauty, with bits of potentially lethal wire hanging about. Unless the manufacturers come up with degradable material then both town and country will have an additional hazardous waste/litter problem. I'm amazed 'elf and safety dont 'av something to say about it. Just a thought!
Yesterday got cracking views of the juvenile Glaucous gull in the roost at Coton but today did some local walks after having a look at the Pink footed goose near Polesworth. The walk was largely along bits of the Coventry canal between Polesworth and Caldecote. Not many birds about to be honest and the most notable were probably Tree Sparrow and Curlew.

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  1. Just posted a similar moan Bob ..