Monday, 10 January 2011

A tale of woe

These potential snares are appearing in fields, in trees and parks across the country, posing a hazard to livestock and wildlife.

Monday 19th January 2010

Not many birds about today, at least where I was looking. Thought I might get lucky with the Great White Egret thats wintering on the River Anker, between Nuneaton and Atherstone but no joy. Did find the remains of two more Chinese Lanterns I've been on about. This time near Caldecote Hall. As there weren't many birds about I started to cogitate (they cant touch you for it). A scenario: an old codger, not unlike myself, is out birding in some remote corner of Warwickshire. He's minding his own business, troubling no-one. Suddenly he sees, or thinks he does, a Little Owl with a long tail and white face. Distracted, he fails to see the discarded frame of a Chinese Lantern lying on the Canal towpath like a snare waiting for its prey. He trips, falling headlong into the icy waters of the canal. Whether he dies of Hypothermia or drowns is unclear. The moral of this sad tale is clear however. We are all responsible for our own actions even if we are unwilling to acknowledge the possible consequencies.

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  1. What an interesting and disturbing thought, Bob. I'll be looking at these lanterns ina new light from now on.

    BTW, I use iSpot a lot and there is an iSpot mentor with the handle "bobthebirder". I was just wondering if you and he are one and the same?