Monday, 17 January 2011

Local-ish stuff

Monday 17th January 2011
It wasnt a very inspiring morning, with drizzle and fog. Headlights were the order of the day as I drove up the A5. No camera again but I needed to get out as the weekend had been a total blank. First stop Grendon, bit of a ritual but it paid off for once with 4 Waxwings in trees near Boot Hill. From then on I did a bit of a circuit: Alvecote, Warton, Birchmoor, and Bentley Woods. The weather steadily improved through the afternoon to the extent that it was quite warm in the sun. I picked up some 'good' County birds along the way, Raven x3, Woodcock, Jack Snipe and a pair of Grey Partridge with other birds including Siskin, Goosander, Goldcrest and Treecreeper.

The idea this year is to go for a self-found County list. Have to rely on instinct rather than text messages which should be interesting. A few more days like today would be useful.

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