Saturday, 27 August 2011

The New Reedbed pool, Middleton

Saturday 27th August 2011
May I begin with an apology to those people who post comments about the blog. I have tried to reply, but recently my setup wont let me. I shall keep trying! Yesterday I was relieved to get a message from Geoff Williams via Tom P. that there was a Curlew Sandpiper and Little Stint at Middleton lakes. With heavy showers still about there was a good chance of more 'drop ins'. So having been 'Kept in' by the persistent rain most of the day it was a good excuse to get out. I met Steve Cawthray in the car park and walked round to the 'new reed bed' pool. In reality this scrape has the least number of reeds of all the pools on the reserve and being very shallow with a large area of exposed mud is superb habitat for migrating shorebirds at the moment. It would be a tragedy if it is eventually covered over with yet more Reedbeds.
Steve and I soon located the juvenile Curlew Sandpiper as well as 2 Little Stint, 2 Dunlin, a Common Sandpiper, maybe 10 Ringed Plovers, several Little ringed Pover, a Greenshank and a flyover Green Sandpiper. We also had 10 Swift overhead. With the rain coming down again it was time to move on. I had a date - with a pint of Hop Gun.


  1. Re your not being able to reply to comments Bob....make sure the 'stay signed in' isn't ticked when replying and you'll find that should clear the problem.

  2. Cheers Pete,I think I've cracked it.Not quite what you suggested but many thanks for your advice. At least it got me playing about with the settings until it worked.