Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Pigeons progress

Well I expect you've been wondering how my garden (Wood) pigeons have been getting along since being featured in a previous post recently. To be honest I havent seen much of them until this morning and they seem to have started feeding independantly on the ground. They just better leave my Courgettes alone or they'll be in trouble

The Antler, this attractive little moth found its way into the moth trap a few days ago. The first one recorded in the garden. Below is a small selection of moths also seen recently in the garden

Ruby Tiger

Orange Swift

Lime speck Pug

Sallow Kitten

Mother of Pearl, Kingsbury Water Park

As regards birding had a good look round the Tame valley from Shustoke to Middleton lakes. It turned out to be a Green Sandpiper and not much else day. There was 1 at Middleton Lakes, 1 on Cliff pool and 3 on the River Tame at Kingsbury but apart from that the best bird of the day was a Hobby which flew past the end of my garden. Oh, and I had a bit of shock this morning. Stopped at Atherstone for a haircut and provisions for the day and guess what, the Pie shop, ie Gales Farm foods: locally sourced produce, save the environment, save local enterprise etc, etc
is no more, just a notice on the window about the greedy landlord wanting too much rent.

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