Sunday, 28 August 2011

Warts and all

Caterpillar of the Buff Ermine Moth

Sunday 28th August 2011
Blogging isnt just about tales of jollying off to see a bird thats just turned up in the Tame valley or Brandon Marsh. Oh no, its much more hit and miss than that. Silly Bloggers like me only tell you about the good times, about birds theyve found or got crippling, once in a life time views of. Today I failed, I dont mind admitting it. OK it was only the Black necked Grebe at Shustoke and as I'm not doing a County year list this year its not so important to see it, but it was irritating not to find it. I did get some exercise though as I practically ran round the pond as Jan was waiting patiently in the car on our way to Sutton. You see you get the real story on this blog, warts and all, not just the glamour. The only bits of hot news I can dredge up involve a sighting of a young Common Whitethroat in the garden yesterday and a Hobby at Shustoke today. Add to this the only photo Ive taken in the last 2 days is of a Buff Ermine caterpillar and you can see I'm really scrapping the barrel. Talking of scrapping the barrel I did get some amazing glamour shots of the Draycote regulars Messrs BH, RH and CP returning from their daily romp but having taken advice I'll just post the Moth larvae.

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