Wednesday, 11 July 2012


11th July 2012
One or two Redstarts seen in the north of the County today and a trickle of waders in the week but no sign of any passage migrants in the Caldecote area today. A Nutchatch was a new bird for the patch though.
Now I feel the need for a chunter. I'm old enough to remember when Birdwatching was just that - watching birds. Now its a whole social networking thing, if you want it to be of course. You can still do your own thing, you just dont see so much. On the other hand you spend so much time phoning or looking at the internet to see who else has seen what you still dont see much. Most people are sort of in the middle ground we need information but like to 'do a bit' for ourselves. I'ts techno birding, very useful up to a point, but as new media, the lastest must have hits the shops I have to admit I'm struggling: Birdin', Twitchin', Postin', Networkin',Paging, Bloggin', Followin', Bein' followed, snapin', filin', listin', croppin', sharpenin', Tweetin', mowin' the lawn, - too much, too much. WHERE WILL IT END?

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