Saturday, 28 July 2012

Black tailed Godwits arrive in North Warks.

Saturday 28th July 2012
Black tailed Godwit, Cliff pool, Kingsbury W.P.
Black tailed Godwit with Lapwings

Spent the morning in an unsuccessful attempt to find Scarlet Tigers locally before moving on to Kingsbury via Caldecote. The objective at Kingsbury was to combine a bit of Model Trainspotting with a bit of Beer tasting and a bit of Birding. A very pleasant afternoon as it turned out. Would recommend Train and Ale events in the park in the future.
The movement of Black tailed Godwits just reached North Warwickshire with a single summer plummaged bird found amongst the Lapwings on Cliff  pool this afternoon, with a larger flock reported just to the north at Middleton Lakes RSPB. The number of Little Egret continues to rise steadily with 7 now on Cliff pool. Thanks should go to the volunteers who have cleared many of the islands of vegetation on Cliff pool to allow migrating birds such as the Black tailed Godwit to 'rest up' on their migration south.

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