Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Birding v The Olympics

Wednesday 25th July 2012
What has the Tame valley got in common with Womens football ? Very little excitement. To be fair I havent seen very much Women's International Football so perhaps I shouldnt judge till I've at least seen a match from start to finish, but to be honest life is too short. This isnt a sexist thing, in the majority of Olympic sports the technical ability of women is on a par with the men and in some events surpasses the men. In soccer, from what Ive seen women just dont have it in terms of ball control and team cohesion, under any sort of pressure skill breaks down. Perhaps its early days and the sport will develop, we will see.
Anyway all that was a roundabout way of saying local birdwatching is rather quiet at the moment. I saw one Green Sandpiper and one Common Sandpiper in the valley today as well as 4 Little Egret on Cliff pool. Large numbers of Lapwing are taking advantage of the reappearance of the various islands on Cliff pools and up to 20 Common terns were in the area. A Curlew was heard near Fisher's Mill as well as 3 juvenile Green Woodpeckers and a Kingfisher.

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