Thursday, 25 September 2014

Life in the Slow lane

Wednesday 24th September 2014
First stop of the day was at Shustoke. Dave H. had reported a juvenile Arctic tern. With fresh winds and heavy showers forecast it seemed as good a spot as any for migrating birds to turn up.Unfortunately it appeared that a hungry Peregrine had beaten me to the Tern. I probably would have witnessed the event if I hadnt got caught up in a new improved holdup on the A5. There was another Ruff and the juvenile Ringed Plover from yesterday, plus a confusing Wagtail looking like a White wagtail with pale grey mantle and flanks but maybe too much black in the rump.
'White' Wagtail
'Pied' Wagtail
'Let me see'
Black tailed Godwit, Cliff pool, KWP
Hornets' nest, KWP
At the Cliff pool hide, Kingsbury Water Park I was greeted with that familiar phrase 'There was a but its/they've just flown off. In this case the birds in question were Black tailed Godwits. Fortunately, however, they returned to give rubbish views. Apart from that there was a flypast of three Common Snipe and a Peregrine in the Stratosphere. 
Knowing that the Highways Agency were at that very moment planning new ways of making my journey home as difficult as possible. I set off back, knowing the A5 was completely knackered I did a tour of most of the villages of West Leicestershire before reaching my destination.

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