Monday, 6 October 2014

The Shetland Isles - 2014, The Beginning

Saturday 27th September 2014
After our flights from B'ham to Sumburgh, Shetland, the team : Julian Allen, Tom Perrins, Pete Forbes, Keith (Wimbo) Wimbush and myself drove to our accommodation in the centre of Lerwick. Despite the Docklands location the spacious and comfortable flat was to prove an excellent base for our stay. We wasted no time in getting out, visiting several favoured sites in the South Mainland area. Wood warbler was a new 'Shetlands bird' for some of the group but the bird of the day was a Horneman's Arctic Redpoll at Veensgarth, with a very obliging Red breasted Flycatcher a close second at Cunningsburgh.

Horneman's Arctic Redpoll, Veensgarth
Hornemans Arctic Redpoll
Red breasted Flycatcher, Cunningsburgh
Red breasted Flycatcher
Red breasted Flycatcher

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