Saturday, 18 October 2014

North Norfolk Coast - Oct. 2014

16th-17th October 2014
Had a very enjoyable couple of days mid-week in the company of Steve Haynes on the North Norfolk coast. An easterly wind had brought in a considerable number of migrants, and there were good numbers of common migrants: Goldcrests, Robins, Thrushes on the ground with Redwings, Skylarks Starlings, Bramblings and Chaffinches flying over. There were also several reports of Short eared and Long eared Owls coming in off the sea but unfotunately we didnt see any. Rarer migrants were sprinkled along the coast. Yellow browed warblers and one or two Pallas's warblers were relatively easy to find, as were Great grey Shrikes but the real crowd pullers were an often elusive Isabelline Shrike and a ridiculously confiding Steppe Grey Shrike. Still one or two outgoing migrants about, Northern Wheatears on the beaches and a few Blackcaps and a Common Whitethroat in bushes bordering the sea. Add the Geese and Shorebirds and it was just a great place to be.

Pallas's Warbler, Holkham Dunes
Pallas's Warbler
Pallas's warbler
Pallas's warbler
Steppe Grey Shrike, Burnham Norton
Steppe Grey Shrike
Steppe Grey Shrike
Steppe Grey Shrike
Isabelline Shrike
Not all the incoming migrants make it. A case of so near yet so far for this unfortunate Redwing.

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  1. Interesting stuff....especially comparing the Shrikes. For me, they look strikingly similar. We have two here.....the common one is a Loggerhead while the other more Northern species is the wait for it.....Northern Shrike:)