Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Shetlands, Days 3 and 4, The calm before a Mega day.

Monday 29th September 2014
A quiet day day both in terms of the weather and the birds. The plan was to head north and have a look for a reported Greenish warbler but when a message came through about another Yank, a  Myrtle warbler at Virkie we did a quick about turn. When we got to Virkie the news was not so good as the bird had been seen to fly off. We spent the rest of the day looking for birds around various sites in the South but only came up with regular Shetland wintering and passage species. However, late news that a White's Thrush had been found on the South Mainland made our plans for the following day pretty straightfoward.
Tuesday 30th September 2014
Day 4 turned out to be one of those 'special' birding days. News that the Whites Thrush was still present confirmed our intentions and we were soon peering into the garden it had bee seen in at Durigarth. The height of the wall proved quiet challenging for many birders and prime viewing spots were at a premium. Having seen the bird we decided it was a case of coming back later when it was less crowded. As we got back to the car news came through that the Myrtle warbler had been relocated in Grutness. Another Mega just down the road. Outstanding.
White's Thrush, Durigarth
Whites Thrush
Myrtle warbler, Grutness
Myrtle warbler
Myrtle warbler

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