Friday, 11 December 2009

The GOOD looking, the not BAD, and the UGLY

The Good - Kate Humble

The Ugly - a man, three dogs and a bag of Chips.

The Tame valley holds many stories, mostly unobserved and untold. Tales of lust, greed and probably the other deadly sins as well but I havent heard about them. Todays story concerns three people all loosely connected to the Tame valley and who represent the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Actually the 'bad' person isnt bad at all hes actually a very good person but 'The Good, the Good, and the Ugly just dosn't work.

The Good

Choosing Kate Humble as their new president was a masterstroke by the RSPB. Listening to her on the radio the other day had me spellbound by her enthusiastic and common sense approach to her new role. Her engaging personality and her ability to articulate what many birdlovers feel is very refreshing.

The (Bad), not really

Local enthusiast, Steve Haynes is doing his bit to support the RSPB by undertaking a sponsored Birdrace throughout the month of January. Steve, rather than hibernating in his cottage during the short, cold days of January will be searching the length and breadth of Britain to find as many bird species as he can in the month. No small task. Steve is looking for sponsorship for his venture and all monies raised will be donated to the RSPB. So if you see him out and about a few shillings thrust into his cold hands would be much appreciated I'm sure.

The Ugly

If there's one thing that digusts me its seeing people drop litter, its bad enough anyware but it seems worst in the countryside. When I saw a bloke with three dogs and the biggest bag of chips you'll ever see walking up the mound at Dosthill I just knew want was going to happen. The world is divided into those people who drop chip wrappings and those who dont. And another thing the only chips the dogs got were the little, hard, sharp bits left in the bottom of the bag that scratch the roof of your mouth.

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