Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bittern at Brandon Marsh

Bittern, Brandon Marsh N.R.



Wednesday 10th February

It was a cold, cold day at Brandon even in the hide. People kept coming in and opening the shutters to watch the snow flakes hurl themselves against their eager faces. As the wind blew the snow even harder their enthusiasm drained and thoughts of Bitterns changed to thoughts of hot coffee and soup. The Image stabilizers on the cameras were put to the test as bodies shivered violently. Bittern watching was becoming a test of endurance. Max and Cath were old hands at the game. Well prepared with layer upon layer of insulation. Max had got hold of a government grant for the Duvet he was wearing and the cavity wall insulation in his Long Johns.
I have to say they stuck it out longer than I did and were rewarded with some great views of the Bittern although I did manage to get a few shots earlier.

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  1. Bob with all my many layers of clothing on it was still bitterly cold in that hide.To make matters worse I managed to mess up the video I took of the Bittern (I had the exposure compensation well to the right without knowing it - What a burk!!!)