Saturday, 13 February 2010

Roll on Spring

Great spotted Woodpecker modelling my new peanut feeder.

Saturday 13th February 2010

Nothing much to relate but having overdosed on Sport practically all day, and refusing to watch Saturday night 'talent' shows so its blog or alcohol, sorry, blog and alcohol this evening.

I started with the intention of doing a little birding today, but without any great enthusiasm. It was all a bit samey. There seemed to be a bit of a movement of geese particulary Pink feet across the north of the region but nothing else seemed to be happening. So another quiet day after a few quiet days locally. Things got so bad I spent a couple of hours in Leicestershire yesterday, at Shawell pools on the A5 to be precise. Quite a few gulls to look at including a Yellow legged Gull but no sign of the Med. gull that had been around. A quick dash to Brandon for a Mandarin duck proved a waste of time. The search for the first Little Owl of the year goes on. Best birds turned up in my garden, a Great spotted Woodpecker found my new £3.99 peanut feeder from Aldi very acceptable. Haven't had a Greater spot in the garden for several years so it was a pleasant surprise. A Sparrowhawk also visited but went away hungry.


  1. Bob just to upset you.When we left Brandon Marsh last wednesday after having a cup of coffee the two chaps who stuck out the cold in the EM hide were rewarded when the Bittern caught a huge fish and began eating it in the channel!!!!

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