Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Egyptian Geese at Fisher's Mill

Wednesday 3rd February 2010

A bit of serious birding today so it was scope rather than camera as I find both a bit much. The plan was to check the geese round Bodymoor Heath and Amys on the of chance of the White fronts turning up again. As it was I did find some nearly wild geese up at Fishers Mill but not what I expected. When I got to Fisher's Mill pool there were 4 Egyptian geese, 3 adults and a juvenile on one of the islands. They stayed until I was joined by Steve Cawthray. There wasnt much else to see as the RSPB had work parties out in the middle of the reserve armed with loppers, they were busy pruning the remaining Sallows. We did see the usual couple of Little Egrets trying to find some peace and quiet and an impressive count of c400 Lapwing.
After checking out local Little Owl sites we ajourned to the Middleton Hall cafe or tea rooms as we birders like to call them. I was without Pork pie or any other sustainance. Decisions had to be made. Coffees yes fine that was easy but what to eat? Steve snuck in a Pork pie and proceeded to eat it. Poor form I thought. He looked a bit like a down and out from an American 30s movie swigging Whisky from a bottle in a brown paper bag ready to stuff it under the table in case Elliot Ness burst through the door. In the end, despite the intense guilt I went for the breakfast. It were right good, but I'd have to walk to the Moon and back to use up the calories I'd consumed. As I walked back, the canal towpaths were being manicured again and looked very tidy but I do prefer a bit of vegetation on the canal banks. No doubt the reeds and Irises will grow back again come the spring. The Redpoll flock, c30 was still in the canalside Alders towards Bodymoor Heath bridge.
PS There were 112 Shoveler on Canal pool, KWP


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  2. Hi Bob, looks like there are some spam bloggers going round at the moment.I would just delete the above comment!
    PS Had a nice pork, chicken and stuffing pie from morrisons a couple of days ago!