Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Waders return to the Tame valley

Oystercatcher, Broomey Croft, Kingsbury W.P.

Redshank, Cliff pool

Tuesday 8th February 2010

Started the day at Cliff pool, Kingsbury. Before I'd got out of the car at Broomey Croft there was a new bird for the year in the form of an Oystercatcher in its usual position on the pontoon. There were a number of canoes ready for action so I guess it wouldn't be too long before it would be moving. A further 2 Oystercatchers were on the banks of the pool the other side of the canal. At Cliff pool there was a Little Egret, Redshank and single Shelduck. The walk to Sita hide produced only 3 Bullfinch. Along the canal to Fisher's Mill a Raven flew low over the canal side trees. Fishers Mill was scanned quickly as I felt the full force of an icy North East wind. I know I'm getting soft but even with gloves and woolly hat I was glad to get to the relative warmth of the canal towpath. A coffee at Middleton was very welcome before moving on to Coton where another Little Egret and a flock of c130 Lapwing were the only birds of note.

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