Sunday, 16 October 2011

The end is in Sight

'Eastern' Yellow Wagtail
Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail

Sunday 16th October 20 11

I'm playing catch up at the moment trying to finish off the Shetland Isles saga and doing some local birding with the odd big dip thrown in for good measure. Anyway returning to Shetland our last day saw a return to more southerly winds after being battered by westerlies for a week. We had time for a mornings birding before our flight home and concentrated on the Sumburgh area. A yellow wagtail had been reported near the hotel and it wasnt too long before we located it on the track up to the farm. It was an interesting bird with only the slightest hint of yellow in the plummage. It had been suggested it might have been of 'eastern' origin. Now fieldcraft or lack of it is often mentioned when it comes to Birding and Bird photography. Blending in with the habitat is important. Many people get dessed up to make themselves look like a tree but birds aint daft, they know trees dont move about. A good way if you must move closer is to find a herd of cows. Wagtails quite often associated with cows, and move with them. Health and Safety warning: avoid herds with Bulls or calves. Anyway using aformentioned fieldcraft skills I managed to get a couple of shots and a taste for grass.

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