Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Central Spain Day 3 - part 2

White Storks
- in abundance
- something to do with Don Quixote
site of my White rumped Swift dip

the group at ease
the group in the field

Thursday 14th May 2009

After dinner a short drive took us to a wooded area. We sat down in an open space to wait as the light drained away. There's something about the evening after a day in the sun. There seems to be a calm after the fiery heat of the day. I dont think there was another human within miles of us just natural countryside and its wildlife. The sounds were incredible, we heard Nightingale, Golden Oriole, Cuckoo, Scops and Eagle Owl.
Tom played his tape, the loud, repetitive call of the Red necked Nightjar rang out. We waited for a response. Eventually it came, very different from the churring calls of the Nightjars on Cannock Chase. Steve Cawthray spotted a couple of Nightjars above the treeline briefly but quite distant. Then, as the calls got closer a Red necked Nightjar flew just over our heads. We got back into the the vehicle well pleased with the views we'd had. As we drove back somebody picked out a shape on the track, as we approached it didnt move and in the headlights it was clearly a Red necked Nightjar. Why hadnt I brought my camera, I never learn. The best I could do was to take some shots with my mobile standing up through the sun roof. Tom slowly brought the vehicle to within feet of the bird which remained motionless. Wow what a view through the bins you could even see the redish feathering on the nape. Steve had to get out to persuade the Nightjar to move so that we could move on without harming it.
Back at the house we heard Toms Scops Owl calling in the garden. We persuaded Tom to play his tape to see if the bird would come on to the roof. The Scops called back as the tape played and then landed on the roof briefly to see what was going on. Tom was reluctant to disturb the bird any more than was necessary so we made do with the view we had. It had certainly been an interesting evening.

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  1. Great report again Bob.I'd be useless there as I've not heard of any of these birds.