Monday, 11 May 2009


Monday 11th May 2009

Not much birding action locally so I thought I'd waffle on about a Birding related topic and include a couple of images of the Anthony Gormley sculptures at Crosby, taken last week. In terms of topics it was a view on Lee Evans's dissertation on 'Respect or the lack of it in Birding these days' or Pockets.
So, why do birders need so many pockets or are we all just slaves to fashion? I got some new gear for my first ever birding with strangers holiday to Israel last year. My excuse was I needed some light weight desert wear. So I got one of those sleeveless waistcoat things I swore I'd never be seen dead in. 9 pockets and counting. Why would anyone want or need 9 pockets? Soccer referees have to carry something like 7 items ish. Its a regular quiz question. So if you add the odd surgical appliance we're getting there, but then you've got trousers or shorts in the case of referees. The average well todo birder's trousers has 7 pockets. I can lose a set of car keys wearing jeans and a T shirt so Ive got no chance . So what 15 essential items should the modern Birder carry? Notebook and pencil ? Takes us back to Mr Evans's comments.

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