Friday, 22 May 2009

Trivia and a few Moths

May Highflyer
Least black Arches
Rustic shoulder-knot

Friday 22nd May 2009
Haven't been out locally much recently, it seems that all the passage stuff went through in a rush during the few days I was out of the country.C'est la vie. Did get nice views of Lesser Whitethroat near Fisher's Mill a couple of days ago and there are a couple of Swifts flying over the garden regularly so perhaps the decline in Swift numbers around Nuneaton has levelled off.
I saw 145 species in Spain plus another 7 that I only heard. I added a further 5 species to my Western Palearctic list.
You'll be interested to know what happened to my emergency rations ( my Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition training has served me well) ie the Dickenson and Morris Pork pie. Well I resisted the temptation to consume it, but it was still fresher than the Ham and Cheese panini thing we ate at Madrid airport and a fifth of the price. Anyway I left said pie at the airport. It was sometime afterwards that I heard from Steve Haynes that there had been a security alert at the airport after we left. An object with a strange smell and releasing blue fumes had been removed from the cafeteria.

Trapped 3 new moths for the Garden night before last but only just Ided one of them thanks to Richard Mays. Rustic shoulder Knot, Least black Arches and May Highflyer.

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