Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ryton Woods

Green Hairstreak
Brown Silver line

Dingy Skipper

Figure of Eighty

Clouded Silver

Small Fanfoot

Mottled Pug

Drinker catapillar

Saturday 23rd May 2009

I joined two of my college friends, John Smart and Charles Richman at Ryton Woods Nature reserve on Saturday. John has been getting into Mothing and was keen to see if we could we could find any day flying moths as well as some of the Butterfly species. We saw a few birds : Cuckoo, Hobby, Whitethroat, Garden warbler and Blackcap. The bubbling call of a female Cuckoo had us puzzled for a while, being quite close it sounded incredibly loud for a Cuckoo.
We didnt do very well for moths just Silver y, Brown Silver-line, a Drinker catapillar and somebody else had seen Treble bar. We did see good numbers of Green Hairstreaks and Small Heaths and one or two Dingy and Grizzled Skippers.

I've added some shots of Moths I trapped in the Garden last night including my first Figure of Eighty.

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