Friday, 8 May 2009

Pallid Swift in Merseyside

Friday 8th May 2009

Been a bitty sort of week Birding wise, a bit here and a bit there, popping in to places on the way to somewhere else. Been to all the local sites but nothing much going on. Today I couldnt make my mind up whether to go to Brandon or Kingsbury so I went to Liverpool. Good run up despite some heavy showers through Cheshire. Arrived at Seaforth Nature reserve in brilliant sunshine but almost Gale force westerly winds. On the short walk from the Car park to the viewing area next to 'the fence' up to 6 Swifts were flying low over the path near the fence. The Pallid Swift showed well among the Common Swifts flying low along the fence between the Nature reserve and Crosby Marine Park. There were only 4 other observers enjoying wonderful views of this rare visitor. I went back to the car to get my camera in the hope of getting some blur shots. The bird showed well for over half an hour and then suddenly disappeared for several hours.

I had a wander to the beach to see the sculptures on the beach by the same guy who did the Angel of the North whose name escapes me. Quite impressive I must admit. There were a few other birds about including Little Gull, Northern Wheatear, Linnet and White Wagtail.
You can say what you like about 'twitching', but once I'd made my mind up I had a great day out.
The Pallid Swift wasn't a tick for me but I enjoyed seeing it. REM playing in the car and a couple of pints of Hop-timist at the Brewery what more can you ask?
P.S. The sculptor I couldn't recall yesterday was Anthony Gormley. Credit to local culture vulture and fount of all knowledge Mr Tom Perrins.


  1. Nice shots of the Swift Bob.There were hundreds of ordinary Swifts at Brandon on Thursday and I tried for ages to get a shot of one but failed hopelessly so I can appreciate your efforts.

  2. Anthony Gormley is your sculptor i think?

  3. Cheers Max,I fluked a couple of shots with manual focusing but luckily there were only a couple of Common Swifts so it wasnt so difficult staying on the right bird.

  4. Cheers Tom, On the ball as ever