Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Nice weather for Ducks ?

Tuesday 10th November 2009

Its a stupid expression isn't it, why would ducks 'regard' persistant rain as nice. It cant be nice to fly in it. In fact heavy rain and bad weather generally must contribute to many of the sightings of unusual ducks on Midland reservoirs as birds seek respite from the elements.
Anyway I waited till the rains had eased before I ventured forth. Alvecote first stop where I was met by a couple of Stonechat. The group of Red crested Pochard with 3 drakes and 4 ducks were at the southern end of Mill pool.

After a brief look round the Coton/Lea Marston area I moved on to Shustoke reservoir where there were 3 Common Scoter, a drake and 2 ducks. They stayed in the centre of the reservoir. At 2.00pm they took off for no apparent reason. They flew round the reservoir several times gradually gaining height until lost to view. The light was poor throughout the day so it took considerable skill to obtain any sort of photographic record of the days highlights!

Common Scoter, Shustoke reservoir

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