Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nuneaton to Draycote Water via Bristol

My journey time from Nuneaton to Draycote Water is usually about 35 minutes. Today it took 5 hours. I had picked up the initial message about an unidentified Petrel species in the Severn estuary and dismissed it, although the idea of going to Severn beach (a place I'd never been did interest me) with strong South westerlies continuing to blow. The next best thing was either Draycote water or Shustoke where Steve (up at the crack of dawn ) Haynes had seen a Kittiwake the previous day. I decided on Draycote, and was well on my way when the second message that the Petrel was hanging about came through. I phoned Tony Shepherd (when it was safe to do so) and picked him and Neil Howes up at Warwick 20 minutes later. I soon had the Skoda up to top speed and passed at least 3 lorries on the M42 and about 7 on the M5 not bad eh! We eventually reached Michael Wood services where we stopped to wait for some positive news. We would have gone on but we had some dodgy info about the tides and with the winds easing we reasoned the prospects of seeing anything let alone the mystery Petrel were becoming remote.
After leaving the lads in Warwick I resumed my journey to Draycote. I needed to stretch my legs if nothing else, and the moral of the story is 'if ...........'

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