Monday, 7 December 2009

The Tame valley to reach a wider audience?

Monday 7th December 2009

Apparently I have it on good authority ( no not John Harris ) that the group in canoes featured in this Blog at the weekend were not pioneers in a Dr Livingston sense but in fact doing a pilot for 'I'm not a celebrity, even though I do have a silly hat, but get me out of the Tame valley anyway' show to be screened on ITV 8 early next decade. I thought I didn't recognise anyone in the canoes so it must be true. I gather the show has been banned in Australia as a result of a case brought by the ASPCA based on cruety to insects, annalids and the odd crustacea. It was decided that being in a confined space with Katie Price caused the creatures post traumatic stress. The producers are looking at one or two possible alternative venues in so called Wilderness areas around Tamworth but the final decision hasnt been made.
I would imagine both the RSPB the RSPCA and John Harris will be keeping a very close eye on further developments.


  1. Thought a bit of seasonal humour was called for. Obviously not.

  2. Maybe Bob your birding friends in the West Midlands have not got any sense of humour?! I thought it was an excellent piece!! ;-]