Sunday, 18 April 2010


This wagtail was in Cyprus in 2006 the nearest example I can find to the Kingsbury Water Park wagtail.

Sunday 18th April 2010
A non birding weekend really after the excitement during the week. An e'mail from Alan Dean via John Harris prompted me to reassess the ID of the KWP wagtail. From Alan's description of the 'Channel' wagtail form and from analysis of other photos it seems likely that the wagtail with the blue head could best be described as this Channel type. Of greater concern was retrieving my wife, due to fly back from Scotland today. I'm pleased to report she made it by train without too much hassle. I see the wandering West Mids Golden Eagle is still about. I wonder if its anything to do with the Golden Eagle that used to be flown by a falconer on Blind pit Lane,Wishaw a couple of years ago. Finally, of interest heard Tawny Owl calling at Mid day from 2 locations this week!

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